MBA written on a boardSo, you are considering an MBA. Good for you! It can open up doors, create opportunities, and teach you many valuable lessons. As one of the best MBA programs in Louisiana, we want to help you reach your goals and obtain the success you seek, so read on to learn about 3 common myths that concern getting that MBA. Knowledge is power, after all, so clearing up these common misconceptions can help you make the right decision for your life and your career.

An MBA Isn’t Worth Anything Anymore

Hearing stories about people dropping out of school to create legendary companies (and the accompanying fortunes) can make it seem like more schooling is a waste of time, but those stories are the exceptions rather than the rules. Many companies and employers still seek applicants who have proven their diligence and dedication to completing their education. An MBA serves to prove your commitment and provide you with skills that employers seek.

An MBA Is Too General to Help Me Get a Job

Having an MBA opens up many doors that would otherwise be closed to you. Many employers won’t even consider someone without the degree for certain positions. Additionally, your concentration can help you get into a more specific job or field. For example, an MBA in marketing will open doors as you gain experience and form connections in your field.

Employers Only Care about Rankings

While it is true that some people care deeply about how highly the MBA school you went to is ranked, most employers will care much more about what you learned along the way. Rankings change from year to year and can be difficult to keep up with, but a great education from a solid school is more than enough to impress the majority of your future employers. MBA courses in Louisiana are designed to help you succeed in the real world, and the lessons you learn will help you throughout your entire life and career.