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If you are planning to pursue your MBA, then University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care Programs is the best place in New Orleans, LA. We have answered several frequently asked questions about our MBA program, application deadlines and procedures below.

What is the difference between the Traditional track MBA and the Executive track MBA Programs?

The University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care Programs allows students to obtain a Master’s of Business Administration through two different programs. When considering which program is best for you, you must take into consideration the following:

The Traditional track MBA program offers academic excellence, accessibility, and affordability to part-time and full-time students. Courses are offered during weekday evenings at our Lakefront campus. The curriculum includes internet-based learning which helps our students balance their academic load in combination with onsite courses.

One of the advantages the Traditional track MBA program offers is that it can be initiated on a rolling basis for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Full time students also have the option to complete the MBA program in three major academic semesters.

Our first-rate professors have limited class enrollment, which provides a personalized learning environment. The education provided to the UNO student makes them very marketable and attractive to their future employers.

The Executive track MBA program at The University of New Orleans is designed to provide maximum convenience and minimum aggravation for those managers and professionals who do not have the time to deal with difficult schedules and extended breaks. Students have the ability to earn the same degree as Traditional track MBA students with a compressed weekend schedule.

The staff takes care of administrative details so that the students have more time to prepare for classes. The classes are conveniently scheduled on alternating weekends, primarily all day Saturday and Sunday, and are located on UNO’s Lakefront Campus in our exclusive EMBA classroom.

How do I apply for the Traditional track MBA program?

Applications can be completed by following this link:

How do I apply for the Executive track MBA program?

Applications can be completed by following this link:

When are the application deadlines?

Domestic Applicants
Fall – July 1
Spring – November 1
Summer – May 1

International Applicants
Fall – June 1
Spring – October 1
Summer – April 1

What documents are needed to apply to the Traditional MBA program?

Final transcripts from all previous universities attended, completed online Application, GMAT scores, Immunization form, and Application Fee Payment. In additional, International students must submit TOEFL scores and a financial statement of support.

Where do I send my Traditional track MBA application materials?

Send them to:
UNO Office of Admissions, AD 103
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

What are the requirements for admittance in Traditional track MBA program?

Admission to the program is based on undergraduate GPA and GMAT score. The minimum GPA qualification for the traditional MBA program is 2.75.

What score do I need on my GMAT for admittance to the Traditional track MBA program?

Required GMAT score varies depending on undergraduate GPA. The program minimum for consideration is 450.

What if I don’t have a 2.75 overall GPA for the Traditional track MBA program?

University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care ProgramsStudents who do not currently meet the admission requirements are encouraged to speak to an MBA advisor about admission options. Please call (504) 280-3215 or email:

Can I still apply to the Traditional track MBA if I don’t have a business degree?

Yes, the MBA is made for those students with or without a business degree. There are 8 MBA foundation courses that will help prepare those students without a business background before they start the MBA Advanced courses.

How long does it take for my application to be processed for the Traditional track MBA program?

Once all materials are received by admissions, the application process may take 2-3 weeks. Delays could occur if admissions have not received all required documents, or if the application was submitted after the deadline.

Already Admitted in Executive track MBA or MS-CHM Program?

I’ve completed my applications, had my interview and received my letter of acceptance. What’s next?

Step 1) Required Documents
Submit all required documents (if any), which will be listed on your letter of acceptance. Send these documents directly to the Office of MBA & Health Care Programs.

The Office of MBA & Health Care Programs
2000 Lakeshore Drive, Kirschman Hall Room 307
New Orleans, LA 70148

Be sure to submit all required documents as soon as possible as you will remain in provisional status until these documents are received, and we will not be able to register you for classes.

University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care ProgramsStep 2) Secure your Placement
To secure your placement for the Fall, you are required to submit a non-refundable, $500 deposit (not via Financial Aid). This deposit will secure your placement and allow us to order your first of books and class materials. Complete and attach the form below and send to the attention of Lisa Smith, Financial Coordinator. She will serve as your personal liaison with the Bursar’s Office.

Once step one and two are complete then you can proceed to apply for Financial Aid.

Is Financial Aid available in Executive track MBA & MS-HCM Programs?

Yes, as part of the inclusive services you will receive as an Executive track graduate student, the Financial Coordinator will act as a liaison to the university’s Financial Aid Office. We do all of the work for you. There is no need to contact the Financial Aid Office. We just need you to complete the applications through the Financial Aid website and renew when needed. We also encourage students to research their company’s education reimbursement opportunities.

If you have been admitted into an Executive track Masters program and would like to apply for Financial Aid, download the Instructions Sheet to guide you through the application process. Once you have completed the application, you may forward confirmations to Lisa Smith, the Financial Coordinator.

Apply for Direct Loan

How do I register for Traditional track MBA classes?

New students must meet with the MBA coordinator prior to registration. Advising will last approximately 30 minutes and will cover course forecasting, the removal of registration holds, and instructions regarding the registration process.

Where can I find a schedule of Traditional track MBA classes?

The MBA office will prepare a schedule of the MBA core courses and electives about 3 weeks prior to the coming semester and the schedule will be emailed to all current students. Schedules can also be picked up at the MBA office. While all courses listings are available on the UNO website, the MBA department will create a schedule of all relevant business courses and electives.

When can I enroll in Traditional track MBA classes?

New students can enroll in classes after they have completed their new student advising appointment and have had all holds removed from their account.

How can I find out which book I need for a specific class in Traditional track?

The course syllabus will contain the information regarding textbooks that are required. Professors usually try to post the course syllabus on Moodle 3 weeks before the start of the semester (although this is not always possible).

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the online learning environment used by the University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care Programs. It is where the course information, documentation, assignments, grades, and discussion boards are located for your current courses.

Who updates Moodle?

Only your professor can update Moodle.

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