Words of Appreciation

Established in 1956, University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care Programs is a trusted name in business education. We have produced several leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Many of our students have sent us their words of appreciation about our MBA and MHCM programs. Please read their testimonials.

From our graduates:

Strongest Aspects of the program

  • Bringing real work experience to the class.
  • The professors. They are knowledgeable, passionate and great
  • Class Schedule – Weekends
  • Lockstep
  • Some of the faculty are well educated and have an abundant amount of work experience balanced with academics.
  • Length
  • Real world experience of professors
  • The course work was appropriately challenging; good faculty. Good hours.
  • Availability of professors; Tutoring, and Schedule
  • Good Teachers. They know how to teach students from many levels and walks of life. The program is paced well and teachers have realistic expectations. I really enjoyed the teachers and the dedication they have to each student succeeding. I enjoyed meeting so many new people and hope to stay in contact with them.
  • Schedule, Length of program, location, Price
  • Intensive schedule and some of the teachers
  • Great professors. Strong classes that improved my knowledge base and push my thinking include Heath Care Economics, Accounting, Finance, Heath Law, Health Care Operations Management and Strategic Management (learned a lot in this last class – wish some of this education was taught throughout the course and not just at the very end).
  • Flexibility, Organization and Affordability
  • Professor and tutor accessibility
  • The quality of the instructors
  • Length of time to completion and low cost of tuition
  • Short and easy

In my experience the EMBA program at UNO was an amazing learning experience. I was amazed at how close-knit the classes were and going to class was almost like a social event where we shared our experiences as we went through current events. One of the most valuable experiences was my interactions with professors that really challenged me. I recommend the course to anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of the business world.

John Credeur - Class of 2014

As a result of my MBA and my interactions with classmates and professors, I have become more adept at critically assessing business operations from an efficiency and quality standpoint as well as articulating a business case for implementing process change that will bring added value to my clients both operationally and financially.

William Johnson – Class of 2014

Completing the EMBA program at UNO required a lot of sacrifice and determination, however, if I had to do it all over again – I would! The education I received was worth the time and effort required to be successful. It had been 20 years since I completed my undergraduate degree, and I had forgotten how refreshing it is to learn new things. The program, which is taught by professors who are experts in their fields with real world experience, gave me, a full time working professional, the opportunity to earn an MBA while sharpening my business skills and knowledge. The program also provided me with a strong business network, personal growth, and life-long friendships. The EMBA program has provided me immense value by increasing my business acumen and strategic awareness. It has also shown my employer that I am committed to continuous improvement and learning, and ensures that I have the necessary skills to increase value in all of our goals and activities.

Anthony L. “Tony” Enterante, III - Class of 2013

As a result of completing my MBA, I am pursing career paths that would not have been achievable without the MBA degree and the help from the staff and faculty of UNO.

Abraham Baber – Class of 2013

I enrolled in the University of New Orleans EMBA program after 17 years in business. I have owned my own businesses, and have been lucky enough to work for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. I made the commitment for one major reason: I never want to be caught in a business meeting, where I do not understand what is being discussed. I do not need to be specialist on every business topic; however, I need to know when something needs further attention. The EMBA program has given me the awareness to do so. My UNO experience is truly career changing.

Arthur Deutcsh – Class of 2013

From Student to Professor
Achieving an MBA though UNO’s Executive MBA program was an individual investment of time, money, energy, and, most importantly, an investment for my future. I used what I learned in strategic leadership, management and finance on a daily basis, and the faculty leveraged their professional experiences for the benefit of my education. Since graduating, my doors have opened even further. I am now one of the “professors,” and I get the opportunity to teach graduate students how they can best prepare for the same opportunities I have had because of my Executive MBA.

Laura Lott Valenti, EMBA Class 12
Instructor of Marketing, Nicholls State University
Co-Founder, WIN NOLA
Freelance Business Consultant
Mrs. Louisiana, 2011

A Rewarding Challenge
The UNO EMBA was a great academic program that enabled me to complete my degree while continuing to work full time. It was a challenging but rewarding program. It not only taught the academics of business but also the functional aspect; we learned how to work with people from various backgrounds and varying personalities.
But more important, what impressed me the most was that I was able to immediately apply what I had learned to my current job. Thanks UNO EMBA.

Michele J. Borey, LOTR, EMBA Class 14 - Class of 2010

The Executive-Style Schedule
Like most executives, I work long hours during the week and cannot take time off from my current job to attend classes. The UNO Executive MBA program is an outstanding value. The courses deliver exactly what an executive needs.

Steve Beatty, EMBA Class 1- Class of 1998

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