student in graduation capAre you considering earning your MBA from a Louisiana University? An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration degree, is one of the most respected degrees you can earn. An MBA program requires a time and financial commitment, and you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Consider these 5 major benefits of getting your MBA and decided for yourself.

Quick Financial Return

It is estimated that when you receive your MBA from a top University the investment, including tuition and lost salary, is generally recouped within 3 1/2 years. In today’s job market, there are many high-paying jobs available to new MBA graduates. Not only is there a quick financial return on your educational investment, your long-term earning capacity greatly increases as well.

Comprehensive Education

Masters of Business Administration programs provide you with a broad, all-encompassing education in all areas of business, including finances, sales, and marketing. You will also learn business-related skills, such as project management, public speaking, and leadership. Whatever field of business you work in, you will have a great understanding of all aspect of your field. If you chooses to pursue a specialized MBA degree, the program will focus on all the necessary components of your chosen area of study.

Leadership Abilities

People who earn an MBA are specially educated to fill leadership roles in the business world. The management and leadership skills you learn in your MBA program, as well as the experience you gain through group work and classroom discussions, prepare you for executive and leadership positions.


Studies show that networking is viewed as the #1 benefit of an MBA education. The reason for this is when you are placed in a group of similarly intelligent and ambitious people who are all dedicated to achieving success in the business world, you are bound to make important and valuable connections. You may even meet your future business partners or get job leads among your MBA peers.

Career Advancement

Many business-oriented companies and corporations look for, and even require, an advanced degree in business before being hired or promoted to positions of more responsibility within the company. Having an MBA degree shows employers that you are driven and serious about your career in business. There is nowhere to go but up, after earning your MBA.