3 Myths about Getting an MBA

So, you are considering an MBA. Good for you! It can open up doors, create opportunities, and teach you many valuable lessons. As one of the best MBA programs in Louisiana, we want to help you reach your goals and obtain the success you seek, so read on to learn about 3 common myths that concern getting that MBA. Knowledge is power, after all, so clearing up these common misconceptions can help you make the right decision for your life

5 Major Benefits of Getting Your MBA

Are you considering earning your MBA from a Louisiana University? An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration degree, is one of the most respected degrees you can earn. An MBA program requires a time and financial commitment, and you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Consider these 5 major benefits of getting your MBA and decided for yourself. Quick Financial Return It is estimated that when you receive your MBA from a top University the investment, including tuition and lost

Here’s How to Propel Your Career to New Heights!

Are you looking to take your career and future to new heights? Being stuck in a dead-end job can be one of the most depressing things in life. A bad job will sap your motivation and leave you depressed and unfulfilled. Luckily, you can land your dream career with ease. And what is the best way to get a great career? Study health care management. The health care industry is growing faster than just about any other industry, ensuring the

What Options Are Available for You to Earn an MBA?

A Master of Business Administration degree or MBA can help you significantly advance your career. Having an MBA does not mean automatic success, but it does immediately make you more marketable. While an MBA is unlike a JD or MD in that it is not strictly required for working in the business world, top MBA programs in Louisiana will provide you with essential leadership and management skills that are needed in the world of business. Pursuing an MBA will also

The Hidden Benefits of Getting an MBA

We all know that earning an MBA is going to net you a great education and skills that you can use throughout your life both in your career and in your personal life. Here are 3 additional benefits that might shake up the way you see a Louisiana MBA program and lead you to that first step of looking seriously at an MBA.   Learn from the Greats In an MBA program, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from the