A Master of Business Administration degree or MBA can help you significantly advance your career. Having an MBA does not mean automatic success, but it does immediately make you more marketable. While an MBA is unlike a JD or MD in that it is not strictly required for working in the business world, top MBA programs in Louisiana will provide you with essential leadership and management skills that are needed in the world of business. Pursuing an MBA will also likely help you establish the connections and network that you need to find a quality job. However, some people put off earning an MBA or are worried about trying to get an MBA because of their current situations. Fortunately, there are different options available to earn an MBA.

  • Apply to graduate school as you finish your undergraduate degree. If you know that you want an MBA even before you get your undergraduate degree, then you can immediately take the plunge into graduate school. Powering through school will give you a head start on your career.
  • Earn an MBA concurrently with another degree. Many schools offer joint programs. For example, if you are in law school, but would like to have an MBA as well, you can do a joint JD and MBA. This usually takes 4 years to complete both, whereas separately they usually take 3 years each. This is a good way to streamline the process.
  • Work on a part-time MBA in Louisiana. Many people already have undergraduate degrees and are working when they decide they would like to get an MBA. Fortunately, there are part-time programs that will allow you to work while you take the necessary classes to earn your MBA. Many classes are offered at night, and you can often earn credit for the work you are currently doing as well. A part-time MBA generally doesn’t take that much longer than a traditional full-time MBA.